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FIND Meaning in solving problems

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what is design Thinking?

Design Thinking is a human-centered problem solving process. It is a process that helps you to uncover opportunities for innovation in the challenges that people live with and experience.

It is a process that helps you to make sense of the complex challenges driven by human behaviour and the complex relationships and interactions between people.

Finally, it is a process that keeps the wants and needs of people at its core in an effort to design solutions that delight users and continues to evolve with time.



Design is a transitional skill that needs introspective research behind it or an emotionally aligned narrative in front— without either, it’s just pretty pictures on paper.


1. Hypothesizing

2. Sensemaking

3. Ideation


to Feel



Poetic Vision is the ability to look into something rather than simply looking at it, in order to find meaning that is not obvious. 

To frame a problem statement through the lens of poetic vision, one must be open to all ideas, even those that seem irrational or even wrong. 

With poetic vision a person can find merit in ideas that he or she may at first disregard.


A person with poetic vision will see meaning in an experience, and if he or she cannot, they will realize that there is meaning even in it’s absence.



Building a prototype

A prototype is a physical manifestation of an idea, designed to test assumptions and to be iterated upon. It can be anything that takes a physical form – a wall of post-it notes, a role-playing activity, a space, an object, an interface, or a storyboard. 

Only when a team is confident that their solution not only meets the needs of the people it was designed for, but delights them, is when they should deliver.

Over time, people’s expectations and needs evolve.
A designer sees that evolution as an opportunity for improvement and will iterate their design so that they can continue to delight.


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